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St. Johns County 2024 Legislative Accomplishments

Provided by St. Johns County
Download a PDF of this information here.

District 23 Regional Medical Examiner’s  Office

FY 25 State Appropriation: $11.7 million
This appropriation will fully fund the construction of a new 10,960-sq. foot facility, featuring advanced processing, laboratory, storage, and air fi ltration systems. The project addresses existing capacity limitations and improves efficiency in the judicial process by decreasing the time required for the release of evidence.

State Road 16 - Phase 1

FY 25 State Appropriation: $7.5 million
FY 24 Federal Appropriation: $4.0 million

The existing two-lane high speed arterial will be widened to a four-lane divided highway from International Golf Parkway to the I-95 interchange. To improve safety and mobility, the project prioritizes construction of bike lanes, sidewalks, and medians to prevent illegal passing.

County Road 2209 - Central Segment Phase 2

FY 25 State Appropriation: $10 million
County Road 2209 is a strategically planned north-south corridor that enhances access to the St. Johns County interior and provides traffic relief to I-95 and US 1. This appropriation completes the funding required to construct Phase 2 from International Golf Parkway to State Road 16.

All Hazards Regional Fire Training Facility & UCC

FY 25 State Appropriation: $7.5 million
With the capacity to address the NFPA and ISO training requirements of the 5 regional counties, this facility will feature training infrastructure for Fire suppression, Urban Search and Rescue, HazMat response, and EMS. The Unified Command Center will provide coordinated response to large scale incidents on I-95.

Central Public Safety Station

FY 25 State Appropriation: $7.5 million
This station will allow for faster Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS response times in the interior of St. Johns County, which equals more lives and property saved. The facility relocates a state mandated backup Public Safety Answering Point from a flood zone. The station may also reduce insurance premiums for 16,000 homes.

South Ponte Vedra Beach Dune Restoration

FY 25 State Appropriation: $4.75 million
Matches $9.75 million in federal funds for a critical beach erosion project south of GTMRR beaches. Once complete, this engineered beach will provide durable protection of property, public infrastructure, and vulnerable ecosystems. The project also provides additional recreational opportunities for residents and tourists.

Lincolnville Museum

FY 25 State Appropriation: $225,000
This appropriation will be used to further the preservation of African American history and culture of St. Augustine. The project will install exterior security enhancements, such as lighting and security cameras, as well as the addition of sound domes and Braille to make exhibit content more accessible and inclusive.

Historic Vilano Beach Street Improvements

FY 25 State Appropriation: $125,000
The State appropriation will match $258,000 in county funds and will be used to revitalize a historic art deco community by fostering economic development, and preserving a sense of place. The project scope include resurfacing, new hardscape, irrigation systems, electrical access points, and other pedestrian enhancements.

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